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Orlando, Florida
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What is a Real Estate Expert?

An Flamand is the leading property investment Real Estate Broker in Central Florida, specializing in Real Estate Investments. An has extensive experience in locating great opportunities, especially for UK Investors. In the last 16 years, An has been focusing primarily on the Central Florida Market – not only for her own investment portfolio but also for her clients.

As a Property Investor herself, An purchased her first Orlando home while still living in her native Belgium back in 1996. She understands the whole process and covers all the angles making sure that the experience is a seamless one. Over the years, An has worked with thousands of Real Estate clients, many with multiple transactions, and has a sales value listing over a billion US dollars.

An has built many strong professional relationships with Builders, Developers, Mortgage Brokers, Banks, Lawyers, Accountants and even Visa experts. With the help of these relationships she is able to offer her clients preferential treatment.

Her business has been built on trust and ethical and honest practices and her knowledge of what makes a good investment is unparalleled.

An’s goal is to make all her clients’ investments as simple and profitable as possible. Contact Real Estate Expert An Flamand Now!